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GRE Essay Topic 252 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Government should never censor the artistic works or historical displays that a museum wishes to exhibit."

Author: Katherine | Date: November 21, 2011 | Score:5.5

An individual's rights end when they impinge on the safety and rights of others. By enacting laws against incitement to racial hatred and similar hate speech, we have accepted that freedom of expression should have limits. In addition, art, like any other form of free speech, should be subject to...

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Essay Score: 1 August 15th, 2015 by

The reading states that fluoride is very important for dental health and further indicates that adding fluoride supplements to the water can improve the health of people living in fluoride deficient regions. However, the lecturer casts doubt on the effectiveness of adding fluoride supplements and its side effects on the health of people.

Firstly, the professor believes that adding fluoride without taking peoples consent is not a good approach. She states that even though fluoride may have some benefits, its not acceptable that humans are treated as guinea pigs performing experimentation on them without their knowledge. She compares this with the example of whether we would allow the same when a doctor would perform some experiment on us without our consent.

Secondly, the lecturer cites one large study to indicate that the average decay rate is similar in both fluoride deficient regions and regions with naturally occurring fluoride. This directly refutes the claim stated in the passage that fluoride deficient regions have inferior dental health than areas with natural fluoride in their water. Further, the lecture also states that the average decay rate may be more or less in the regions due to many other reasons which are not related with fluoride.

Thirdly, according to the professor there are many safety factors to be considered when adding fluoride supplements whereas the article does not discuss this aspect. She believes that fluoride supplements are not as same as naturally occurring fluoride and are derived from many hazardous wastes making it harmful for people. Moreover, she also states that fluoride supplements are a form of cumulative poison since only a percentage of that fluoride leaves the body and the rest gets accumulated leading to various side effects.

In conclusion, the lecturer insists on taking a cautious approach towards addition of fluoride supplements in water. She further encourages the need for more debate and research on the effects of fluoride supplements

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