Most Important Animal in My Country

TOEFL Essay Topic 151 - What is the most important animal in your country? Why is the animal important? Use reasons and specific details to explain your answer.

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Most Important Animal in My Country

“Panthera tigris”, or commonly known as tiger will be the indisputably perfect choice for me to be the most important animal in my country. The tiger, a member of the “Felidae” family, is the largest of the four “big cats” in the “genus Panthera”. I pick tiger as the most important animal in my country for several reasons.

I specifically refer to the Malayan Tiger, which is considered as a subspecies in 2004. What makes me choose tiger? It is simply because it is the national animal of my country. As a natural icon over the years, its spirit appears ubiquitously. Tigers in the coat of arms symbolize courage and strength. Tiger also becomes the logos of Malaysia’s national car, a leading bank; Maybank and not excluded Football Association of Malaysia. The national football team is also called “The Malayan Tiger”. All of these really indicates tiger as an influential animal in my country and of course, a heritage.

From thousands of tigers, the number depletes to approximately only 500 tigers left in Malaysia and that makes tiger becomes one of the endangered species. The extinction is said to caused by habitat loss, forest fragmentation, poaching and also illegal trade of their parts and derivatives. In my country, various efforts are done to encounter this problem and that is another reason why I choose tiger as the most important animal in my country. WWF Malaysia helped to educate the public about root causes of this complex issue and generate support for its conservation. The existence of National Park allows the tigers to “feel like home” since it reflects their natural habitat. In short, a lot of campaigns and activities are planned in order to support the conservation of tigers.

The truth is, we can relate to the tiger, as it is fierce and commanding on the outside, but noble and discerning on the inside. It is the ultimate symbol of courage, fight, survival and strength. Tiger is a natural icon in my country, and it will always be.

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