Why do some students study abroad?

TOEFL Essay Topic 168 - Many students choose to attend schools or universities outside their home countries. Why do some students study abroad? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer.

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In the fast-paced world, the job market is very competitive because people are increasingly prepared for ingress on it. Consequently, if you wish get a superb job you need a excellent investment in language courses or specifically courses about your major work. Additionally, to achieve this aim m...

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Why study abroad Score: 4.5 October 24th, 2017 by boronglyu

Nowadays, international communications have become more and more frequent and convenient, education becomes a worldwide affair too. Students love to study abroad. The ratio of undergraduate students study abroad after graduation have doubled in the past two years, most of which choose to study in America regardless of the fact that the tuition needed has increased dramatically. What is more, students with a cross-country education experience are tended to be regarded as well-rounded and knowledgeable. Thus, the reason why they study abroad is complicated with far-reaching implications.
Firstly, study abroad can enhance their ability to live on themselves and take care of themselves. Since they have to stay somewhere far from their parents and friends, they have to manage themselves and depend on their own. For example, before going abroad, students can come back home frequently for food supplies. They can also go to the hospital with their parents around them. Furthermore, their parents can visit their school to help clean their dorm. However, while studying abroad, they have to try to buy delicious food in a foreign country or cook their own meal. What is worse, they have to go the hospital alone and take care of themselves. Thus, their ability to look after themselves can be largely improved.
In addition, it is important to acknowledge that with cross-country experiences, students can become more competitive in their future career development since they can deal with bilateral businesses more efficiently. To put it differently, since they have lived abroad, they can talk to foreigners precisely with the background knowledge of foreign culture. For example, my uncle got promoted after he got a MBA degree in Africa for the reason that more African customers love to communicate with him because he knows the customers well.
Last but not least, most students study abroad because they want to learn more knowledge. Nowadays more and more people in China choose to study in America. America has got more resources for education and professors there are of greater qualities. Teachers in America usually educate in a more efficient and scientific way. Technologies in America are highly developed. Thus, Chinese students love to go to America to gain more knowledge.
In a word, students choose to study abroad to enhance their abilities to take care of themselves, gain advantages in future career development, and learn more knowledge.

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