GRE Essay Topic 217 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "The study of history places too much emphasis on individuals. The most significant events and trends in history were made possible not by the famous few, but by groups of people whose identities have long been forgotten."

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By the study of history, people can understand what happened in the past, which can reflect the possible solutions for existing problems we are facing now; we also can see the perspective and ideas of our ancestor, whice can enrich our minds. Admittedly, by retrospect to the past, there are groups of people, who we often forgets, accomplished significant things in the past . But I consider the leaders of these groups is always of great importance and cannot be denied.

To begin with, we can tell from the modern and past society that most people cannot find out the problems exist in their worlds; therefore, they need a provident leader to reveal the truth to them. These leaders has some characteristics that make them unique: their wisdom, their perspective, and their ability of convincing people. Martin Luther King, who was a human equlity fighter, found out that the segregation law is unfair to black people; so he led the people to fight against this law in order to achieve the goal of eguality. If there was no Martin Luther King, it was possible that no one has the bravity and perspective to evoke poeple and achieve it. Consequently, this achievement might be prosponed for many years; even worse, it might never been accomplished.

While most of the great achievements in human history cannot be accomplished by only one person’s effort. Every works on earth must be done by people with different professions; every historical achievements, too. From the start, it needs a person to organize the whole plan, setting goals and the whole framework of things; and then a person with skillful manage ability is needed for the manage of people, time, and funds. Further more, sometimes a big group of people is crucial enough to make it works. It is because that more people was involved in the action, it is more likely it represents the trend.

Finally, we should understand both the leader and the unnknown people’s contribution to historical events; however, it is impossible for us to remeber each one of them. In fact, history is being past on generation to generation, many of the precious thing cannot be well recorded. People only remeber one or two representative figures in an historical event in order to memorize it.

In conclusion, each one of us is making history. But the events that can change the world and are worthwhile to be remembered need a lot of efforts, times and people’s sacrifice. We should be thankful for their contributions that allow us to have a more equal and peacful life now. That is to say, we should remember those who had led our ancestors to seek for a more wonderful world; and those who are usually forgotten by us, the unknow rebels.

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