Who should we place emphasis on?

GRE Essay Topic 217 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "The study of history places too much emphasis on individuals. The most significant events and trends in history were made possible not by the famous few, but by groups of people whose identities have long been forgotten."

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Who should we place emphasis on?

We are writing history. Although most people work hard just for living, yet there are still many of us striving to be somebody in history. While regretting our being overlooked, we also ask: ¡§whether have we overlooked others; whether have we placed too much emphasis on individuals?¡¨ because only few names could be passed down although our antecedents together wrote history; there must be people being overlooked. Who on earth should we place emphasis on, individuals or the groups of forgotten people?

First, there is nothing improper putting emphasis on individuals. We can not deny there are many intelligent and skilful people in every period, but only few of them have charisma to marshal people together; marshal people together to achieve a common goal or to conquer hardship: Mohandas Gandhi commenced the non-violent non-cooperation movement to defend the rights of his people; although the Indians took part, although many of them were intellects, they would have nothing done without Gandhi¡¦s leading. Thus, we grant Gandhi the honour to be somebody in history if we find no way to deny his contribution, and also, we grant the leaders of the kind like Gandhi the honour if we can not deny their deeds. As a psyche of the period, the individuals must be placed emphasis on.

On the other hand, we do not, in some fields, place emphasis only on the few individuals. Following the progressing steps of science, the names of those who made contributions have been being recorded in their theses; we do not overlook any of them, as least in scientific fields, because if we do not place emphasis on them, we are much likely to ignore them and their achievements. Thus, we are almost unlikely to invoke their theories as bases to develop new ones; even further, we would dispose of their painstaking pieces. But these do not happen.

No matter how unequally we have placed emphasis on some individuals, we are supposed to equally treat the individuals and the groups of forgotten people, for we can hardly achieve something without any of them; the notices and emphases on them are what they both deserve.

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