GMAT Essay Topic 611 - "Juvenile crime is a serious social problem, and businesses must become more involved in helping to prevent it." Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion expressed above. Support your point of view with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.

Author: ATATAT | Date: November 25, 2010 | Score:5

To some extent, I agree with the author's general assertion that juvenile crime is a serious social problem and business must become more involved in helping to prevent it. However, the author unnecessarily extends this board assertion to be an irreversible extreme while overlook other compelling...

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Nowadays the age of the criminal becomes increasingly younger. Indeed that is a big problem of social. In my opinion, businesses, such as movie stars and sport stars should do some more in helping to prevent this question. Truly, they have a lot of things to do, just like donate some money to do some education work be a perfect example for young people and propagate the nice behavior and teach youngster be nice.

Firstly, this is no doubt that, a good education is very important for young people. If some of the juvenile criminal can get some more education form school or college, they maybe not to do something illegal. But sometimes there is not enough money to build a school or hire teachers. Then, we need someone to donate some money. And those movie stars and sport stars earn lots of money from the youngster, they should be spending more money and maybe put more effort into the educational process especially for children with limited resources.

What is more, those people who were famous must be a good example for our kids. Because they are the idol for the young people, their behavior can make some good or bad effect to their fans. So those movie stars should try do not play more violence movie. Then when kids see their movies, they will enjoy more things from the story but not learn how to use weapons. Moreover, those sport stars should be try to do less force behavior and less trash word in the ground. Hence, when kids watch their game, they can learn some skill from the plays, but not how to fight with some others.

More over, those people can do some propagate work to publicize some enlightened conducts. Because they are well-known figures in the social activity, those famous people have a huge public influence. As a result, if those people do something fine in a public space or in the television, it will have affected some people. Of course, include our youngster. Consequently, their comportments will be more gentle, kind and civilization.

To sum up, those stars can donate money, be a nice model and do advertise work to control this problem. Furthermore, they have ability to do this. As a old word 'with great power comes great responsibility', they have to do more to help the young kids.

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