GMAT Essay Topic 511 - The following appeared as an editorial in a magazine concerned with educational issues. "In our country, the real earnings of men who have only a high -school degree have decreased significantly over the past fifteen years, but those of male college graduates have remained about the same. Therefore, the key to improving the earnings of the next generation of workers is to send all students to college. Our country's most important educational goal, then, should be to establish enough colleges and universities to accommodate all high school graduates." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc.

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The conclusion endorsed this statement that to increase the real earnings, everyone should have enter the college. Several reasons are offered to support of the argument. To support the argument, the author points out that the country should provide more college and university for peoplet oenter. In addidion, the author reasons that we should recommand all the high school to enter the college. However, I do no think the argument logically convincing because overgeneralization and oversimplification make it unsound. Here are the reasons why.

The evidence that the author lays out is not conclusive because only one example is rarely sufficient to establish. There is no accurate evidence that the university student can increase their earnings. Those who earn lot of money may inherit by theit parents or they really hard working on their business. For example, Bill Gates, the most rich person in the world, does not finish his college study, instead he drop the class and set up the well known company-Microsoftware. The argument is based on insufficient or unrepresentative evidence.

At the first glance, the author’s argument appeats to be convincing, but further refection reveals that the conclusion is based on some dubious assumptions and the reasoning is biased due to the inadequacy and partially in the nature of evidence provided to justify the conclusion. The argument says that we should recommand all the high school to enter the college. It does not think of other compelling factor, such as the family can not provide the money for their children. We know that the tuition of the university is very expensive, not all the family can afford it. Furthermore, the high school student may have talent to establish their career. Just like Bill Gates have his software world. Also, the government should provide some program to help those have the ability but don’t have money to enter the school. The argument is mainly flawed because it overlooks certain major considerations.

In conclude, the argument is not persuasive as it stands, it is imprudent for the author to claims that everyone should have enter the college. Several reasons are offered to support of the argument.. To make the argument logically accepable, the author should have to show that if is necessarily that students have to enter the college. That is to say, it is no need for everyone to go to the university. In addition, to solidify the conclusion, the author could provide concrede evidence as well to demonstrate that not all the family can let their children to go college. Although, the government should set up some plans to help those people who want to enter the college. Only with concede evidence that the argument could become more than just an emotional appeal.

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