either war or peace

TOEFL Essay Topic 705 - Some people say that the best preparation for life is learning to work with others and be cooperative. Others take the opposite view and say that learning to be competitive is the best preparation. Discuss these positions, using concrete examples of both. Tell which one you agree with and explain why.

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either war or peace

we live in crowd society and comunicating to other person is assential thing in our life. What is kind of comunication, cooperation or competition? many people have common target and those who also want to be winer. To success in life,we should prepare right now.
in my opinion, learning to cooperate is the best preparation. I disagree with statement saying that learning to be competitive is the best preparation .

We can’t live alone. each other hardly to solve everything smoothly and you can ask acquaintance to help you. you also do the same for them when they need your hand. Nowaday, one of many soft skill, teamwork, is call the effective way to finish task. over the world, many oganization of nations have created to raise cooperation among those nation. from that, making friend to each other is the tendency of development.
In contrast, if you want to race with other people, you can be winer but consideration is alway in your though cause your spirit health worse. racing to get target seem to be war in life.

in conclusion, i will choose learning cooperation as my best preperation for my life.By doing it not only people surrounding me will be my partner but also peace alway fullfill my mind. Being winner in peace.

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