Important animal

TOEFL Essay Topic 151 - What is the most important animal in your country? Why is the animal important? Use reasons and specific details to explain your answer.

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Important animal

With the growing market of China, more and more products, especially the food, are supplied by China. What’s our current niche then? Views, thus, differ greatly when it comes to the issue of what the most important animal is in Taiwan. Some people think that pig plays an important role on supporting our economy, while others assert that cows are more important. As far as I am concerned, I am of the opinion that pig is a significant source of our revenue, for two reasons: the health of the pigs in Taiwan and the variety of product pigs could offer.

The main reason affecting my position is that some major countries have the problems with pig disease, while the health of our pigs is affirmed. Take the famous pig disease happened couple years ago for example. The disease caused the decline of the pig numbers. Besides, it resulted in the high demand for the good pork. Whereas those countries originally supplying the major volume of pig faced the serious decline in production, the pigs in my country were still of high quality. During that period, our export volume of pork increased a lot, leading the growing revenue of my country in that period. Such an example shows that the pigs give my country a great advantage in the export market.

Another example influencing my point of view is that pigs could be produced in various products. For example, each part of pigs could be used in different dishes, especially in the Taiwanese kitchen. People in Taiwan believe that eating leg of the pigs could make human’s skin more beautiful. Furthermore, eating the ear of the pigs could improve people’s listening ability. Therefore, pig could be made in different kind of food, giving the best use of it and providing more revenue sources to my country.

Admittedly, some people may say there are many people who do not eat pork due to their religion. As a matter of fact, the percentage of this kind of people is small. Comparing with the whole world, pork export could represent a quite large market. Moreover, based on the survey, people in Asian countries consume a lot of port every day. Accordingly, without saying, the pigs are the important animals that my country should take really good care of.

As we faced a lot of pressure from China and other countries regarding the food export, we have to find our niche to fight for this market and gain more market share. According to the variety of the products and the quality of our pigs, I believed that our pigs are our important revenue source. Of course, there may be other perspectives that I neglected to take into account. Nevertheless, I feel that, from the above mentioned, my position is built on the solid foundation.

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