Library or activities

TOEFL Essay Topic 11 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should give the same amount of money to their students` sports activities as they give to their university libraries. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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Library or activities

One good saying”In healthy body is a healthy mind” supports my opinion that university must think about physical heath of students as much as about their education.Opponents would say that the major purpose of university is to educate and give knowledge not to build musculature. I don’t think that university has to become large gym ,but little bit of exercise would be beneficial for all.

Libraries are the most important part of university,wealthy source of books and lectures which help students to get valuable knowledge for further life.Therefore,university has to give money in order to improve, develop and modernize them both with technological equipment and new books.But also we need healthy and happy student to use that books and everything that library offers.

Food that students eat and attending sport activities are important for both body and mind.After one hour of physical activities daily,students have much more strength and willingness for work,learning and assignments.Sport purifies body,mind and soul,helps producing hormone of happiness and increases work productivity.Universities have to be involved by investing money both in group and individual sports;they have to support talents and competitive spirit among students.That way,their passion in sports reflects on better results in studying.More activities bring about less illnesses and more students will be able to attend classes.It doesn’t cost a lot,but brings many benefits.

From all that I mentioned above,my conclusion is that sport activities may not be crucial issue for university,but very important to be considered as part of students education.

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