If the goal is worthy,just go for it!

GRE Essay Topic 380 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "If a goal is worthy, then any means taken to attain it is justifiable."

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If the goal is worthy,just go for it!

I find it perfecttly fine if someone pushes himself to an extreme to attain his goal provided that it is worthy enough!

Some may refute saying that it would be ethically wrong and entirely unfair if someone is trying the ways he should not. But the point to ponder upon here is that we must consider the motive or intention when some one does something wrong. Consider a case when someone has met with an accident and needs an immediate medical treatment. Would not you break the traffic rules so as to save that person’s life, even though it is a crime? The person can be a law-breaker if seen in one way but to me he is a life saver!

I would like to give one more example to bolster my point.
As we know , mass murder is perhaps the most diabolic act in today’s world but a soldier has to kill several other soldiers of an enemy and still he becomes the hero of entire nation. Would we rate both with same metric? If not then what’s the differnce? The later had a worthy goal.

It’s just like we take a dark route to reach bright pole!I would like to end my arguement with a quote from Former Indian President Abdul Kalam,”Designing missiles would be the most pious part in my life as it guarenteed that none (India and Pakistan) will use it first and hence in one way estalished peace in both the countries”.

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