TOEFL Essay Topic 151 - What is the most important animal in your country? Why is the animal important? Use reasons and specific details to explain your answer.

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The most important ? The truth in my country have many animals. But animal once very important. It is elephant. The elephants to be place permanent of nation.

Because in my history of nation that the past about 250- 300 years ago my country had war. The army travel by walk for figth expect the King travels by eleplant. It mean the elephants are vehicle for the King.Expect to use elephant for travel.The King chioce it in figthing enemys.
The war which important is Pranaresounmahajat who is head army and King of thailand in the part time. He use elepant for fought enemy and the final he got the win. And Thailand got freedom from enemy. Effect to the elephants are singnificant for Thai people incould my country more than another animals from this all reason .

Nowaday the elephants have insubstantail when compare in part time. From many cause such as to sell the tusks which they are killed almost,lace food for them ,the Thai people don’t like feed them and mother elephant use long time for have baby.This situation support to elephant have important more than.

The summary elephants are important animal for my country from the part time untill nowaday. However when 2-3 years ago have once animal which prefer same elephants. it’s pandas. But Thai people impossible forgot elephant.

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