Media essay

GRE Essay Topic 323 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "To guarantee quality education in elementary and secondary schools, the students` parents must be actively involved in defining the schools` educational policies."

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Media essay

The importance of media is increasing in today’s life. Media is considered by people as a way of attaining more knowledge and as a way of getting accustomed to what is happening in the outside world. But the issue that media tends to create the values of our society rather than reflecting it is a controversial issue and can evoke varied viewpoints. On one hand people believe that the purpose of media is to simply reflect our views and valueswhich has been held for more than many centuries. On the other hand many of them assert that the media should deviate from the current values held by the society in order to enhance the lives of people. On final analysis I believe that most of the books, films, music, etc. are actually creating the values in our society.

There are many books, films ,etc which reflects the values of the society. Many people feel that the traditional values inculcated in them by their ancestors are of extreme importance and favour the films or books or music which adopt them. For example even today many people just relish the classical music and it’s style of singing. Another example would be the recent film in HINDI on the life of the great indian freedom fighter ‘ Mahatma Gandhi’.this film which reflected the ancient Indian values and the traditional customs was widely received by people.

But as the generation changes people expect that the flaws in the traditional values and customs be eliminated so that all of the people can be treated equally. Persistant efforts are being made nowadays to eliminate ‘Racism’ , ‘Untouchability’ ,etc since these a liability in any society. The same can be said about woman status. Only through the media can these thoughts be conveyed to the people. The media thus comes out with new methods to convince people to get rid of these inequalities which can be termed as creation of new values for betterment of human life. The recent Indian film which won Oscar award ‘ Slumdog Millionare’ depicts the poverty in the Indian society and urges to get rid of them.

Even the traditional beliefs, clothing, the attitude of people, etc. have all been created by the media like newspapers , television ,etc. People now no longer wear the traditional clumsy dresses as have been advised by the media. Beliefs like ‘Dowry’, ‘Sati’ (Sati is that belief where the wife also is supposed to die if her husband dies) are taking heavy beating by the modern media.

Thus on the basis of he above mentioned points I assert that the modern media is actually creating the values rather than reflecting it. Another reason could be due to the intense competition among the media articles nowadays. Many films , books, newspapers are competeting to persuade people to change their values in a way they like it thus increasing their sales.Thus it can be said that there is hardly any depiction of the traditional values in today’s life.

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