Car accidents

GENERAL Essay Topic 1436 - Being in a car accident

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Car accidents

Over the last few decades, car accidents have become one of the sad realities of our daily life. The number of people who die or injury in a car accidents have been increasing at alarming rate. The main causes of the increase in accidents are lack of strict laws and bad manners of drivers.

The first point that is given for rising the car crash is insufficiency of laws. Traffic laws and rules are not implemented by drivers and pedestrians. Most of them also do not know traffic laws in detail. Schooling and coaching in this field is very minor. After people receive their driving lisence, they may forget everything about driving because there is no exam again. For instance, there are many people who have a driving lisence but not have a vehicle. This is general rule that the way to not forgetting something is practising it but these people do not have a change to practise. When they have own vehicle after a few years, they will see that they are not good at driving and do not remember the traffic rules. As a result, they will lead to happen car accidents and break the laws.

Another equally important reason for traffic accident is behaviors of drivers. Generally speaking, the relationship between accidents and drivers actions seems to be significant. Firstly, a very high proportion of car accident fatalities occur because of drunken driver. Current research into this issue have shown that alcahol affects driver’s balance, speech, vision, reaction time and hearing adversely. Driver who drinks are not able to detect danger and control their behaviors and emotions. Apart from drinking, there are some other bad manners of car users such as talking on a cellphone, talking with passengers, eating in the car, dealing with children or pets and reckless driving. All of these cause very dangerous accidents and many children and people lose their lives.

All in all, traffic accidents are the most outstanding factor affecting the living conditions of people in the society. two most important causes of car crash are deficiency of law and bad actions of car users.

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