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GRE Essay Topic 323 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "To guarantee quality education in elementary and secondary schools, the students` parents must be actively involved in defining the schools` educational policies."

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essay for 001

It does not surprise us that even though we have never been to a famous place, a plethora of information about certain, especially famous, places are available for us to know about them. One might argue that taking a real trip will, in the sense, become valueless as everything can be seen via the Internet or from TV program. However, it is the tourism that really brings about excitement and stimulates our thinking about the relation with nature while staying in the place.

Thanks to the latest technologies, people can search for pictures, collecting historical information and even viewing the landscapes of a city or country. For example, by using Google Earth, besides the names of streets, squares and buildings, many images of them will pop up once you click them. More than map, it provides its users with the real world looked from the top. Still, if we want to know more about the history, traditions and culture of a city, just surf on the Internet and soon you will find surrounded by a sea of information. It seems economical to travel a lot of cities regardless how far they are.

However, will anyone agree with the point that the Great Fall in Niagara looks more amazing in pictures or videos than before it? The answer is NO. Pictures and videos are unable to provide true reality for their audience in that everything shown can not be tasted, smelled or touched. Besides, even though the technology enables the audio to be approximate to the actual environment, it still fails to bear some details which only the real scene owns. For instance, I love shouting “Here I am!” as loudly as possible to the valley and hear the sound sent from the other side “Here I am”. However, how am I supposed to do the same thing and enjoy the amazing feedback from the nature in front of a picture or a video? There are still many enjoyable experiences that only tourism brings about while the computer or television can never generate.

Besides joy, tourism itself can lead the tourists to escape from where they are and tell them how big the world is. While traveling in a place we have never been to, everything is so fresh that we are curious about everything around us. Even an avenue, a sculpture and a pier have storys belonging only to them: they are unique. Other than objects which can be seen and touched, traveling in a place can bring us into another culture which can not be described in any form but felt ourselves. And this experience is never available in any websites or pictures and this experience often captures our attention by stimulating our thinking. For instance, in front of the Great Valley, we feel that human beings are so small before nature and we should respect the nature and take good care of what it gives us. Irrespective of how attractive and real the articles or TV programs about a city are presented; we are still unable to experience the culture and traditions until we are in the city.

On one hand, the advanced technology has made it possible to visit a great many places without actually being there. On the other, this means can not be called “tourism” as the real tourism is fraught with experiencing the real place by toughing, hearing or even shouting and acquiring the fresh experience stimulating our thinking.

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