Conditions for a healthy living

TOEFL Essay Topic 164 - People do many different things to stay healthy. What do you do for good health? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Conditions for a healthy living

Good health is associated with a happy life, without it we are bound to search for it and do whatever it takes to achieve that objective.Being healthy depends on various factors depending on the ecosystem around someone.These may influence such things as eating habbits,exercise just to mention but afew.These may affect somebodys fitness as follows.

Food is a vital commodity in our body.It controls our growthrate,responce towards infections,psychological activities and physical activeness.We must be very carefull to eat the foot that will provide the nutrients which will provide all our metabolic requirement.For instance, eating food that is rich in protein only will render our body to prone to infections such as marusmus.On the other hands ,eating food that lacks proteins may cause a person to suffer from Kwashiokor.These are very deadly disease.If we eat food that does not have vitamins, we may weaken our immune system.So, eating a well balanced diet is vital for good heath.Nevertheless, the food that we eat must be well washed and cooked.Eating dirty and raw food may cause stomack discomfort and may lead to getting water born diseases.Therefore high standard of hygene is required while preparing food.

Another thing is physical fitness.We must take daily exercise inorder to stay healthy.Walking,soft running all accounts for good heath.This may go hand in hand with the doctors advice on what type of exercise a person should take.
Last but not least, a person should always have a regular medical checkup.This ensures that any infection is detected earliest time possible.

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