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GRE Essay Topic 985 - "Leisure time is becoming an increasingly rare commodity, largely because technology has failed to achieve its goal of improving our efficiency in our daily pursuits."In your view, how accurate is the statement above? Use relevant reasons and/or examples from your experience, observations, or reading to support you viewpoint.

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Technology has changed the way the world looks. Every thing now seems to be within our reach. At the same time, technology has a major ill effect on our environment which in turn affects the health of the individuals.

With the invention of automobiles, it becomes easy for us to cover long distance which otherwise would have been done by foot. The telephone provides us the features to hear our near and dear once even if they are at far off places. Electricity has impacted our lives largely, without which the world would have been in darkness. With the invent of the computer and internet everything is just a click away from us. Our grossory and shopping get done on a click, thus we need not get out of our homes. There are a large number of advantages that technology has provided us, these are a hand full of them that i mentioned here.

While we enjoy the various machinaries and equipments there are a large number of disadvantages associated with it. The automobiles have made it eassier for us to travel but at the same time it requires a large amount of fuel, which when thrown out affects the enviromnet directly. The mobiles affects our health directly from the ultra-violet rays that is emits. Use of electricity requires large amount of natural resourses, which are getting depleted. We done walk to the stores any more as all the purchasing is done online, thus having a direct impact on our healths. We have a large number of pre-mature babaies because of the large amount of toxic air around us, emitted from large number of vehicals, huge industries from our homes etc.

Leisure time is becoming an increasingly rare commodity, largely because technology has failed to achieve its goal of improving our efficiency in our daily pursuits. This statement is true, because today we are all enjoying the technological developments, but in the long run it is going to have a major ill-effect, which then will be difficult for us to correct.

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