Business education must promote environmental awareness

IELTS Essay Topic 737 - Business education and training today must promoter environmental awareness.

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Business education must promote environmental awareness

The Business education and training today must promote environmental awareness which would inturn develop our nation.Basically education is made, to know more about our environment and take care of ourselves and restrain from doing wrong things.

Business education is a study where professionals do lot of research work on minds of people,apart from their regular research studies which they would use for making businessess.These type of studies should be useful for people who are not aware of good and bad ones in the market. We can have consumer products as an example.The consumer should be aware of the product he buys and should not be confused and dissatisfied after he goes back home.This happens because of the lack of his knowledge on demarcation criteria.To overcome this students who do projects after business studies can conduct campaigns and advertisements regarding the awareness of the products.

Business education should not only promote a business or a product but also give equal importance to create alerts on plastic usage,caution on extensive usage of energy resources etc.Their project training should be both useful for their marks as well as for saving future generations. Each and every person should be aware of the methods to reduce energy consumption and there can also new rules added to law where every should implement to save our resources.Government should also encourage their views.

These type of ideas should be taught in business education for keeping the enironmental awareness as their main criteria.This would make business education more interesting and save our environment.

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