sopping malls

TOEFL Essay Topic 25 - It has recently been announced that a large shopping center may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

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sopping malls

There are both benifits and drawbacks in building the sopping canter at my neighbourhood.But i personally belive that building the big shopping center will have good more than that of bad.hence i support the openinon of buildingthe shopping center in my neighbour hood.
There are many reasons why i support building the shopping center .The reasons are as follows.

The first reason it will make my wife shopping easier.The reason is now to do shopping we have to go for atleast 10 km .As it is very hard for me and my wife to go such a long distences to do shopping as we both like shopping every alternate day.

Secondly shopping center will help to create the extra job oppurtunities for the people.As many of the students like to work for their earnings it will create the employment in the area.

The third reason why i will support the openion is it will create the exposure of the new things in big shopping malls. for example in case of small malls we can not get all the reqiured things and new products .in contrast in the big shopping malls we can get new products at their first launch itself.The large shopping malls will provide the offers in festival seasons which the small malls cant do.

Finally the new shopping center in the area will improve the real estae boom in the area.As iam a person who is on the same job and doing the consultant for the realestate.The new shopping mall will improve my earnings .

hence i conclude that building the large shopping mall will have positive impact rather than, i support the openion of building the shopping center.

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