leisure time becoming a rare commodity.

GRE Essay Topic 985 - "Leisure time is becoming an increasingly rare commodity, largely because technology has failed to achieve its goal of improving our efficiency in our daily pursuits."In your view, how accurate is the statement above? Use relevant reasons and/or examples from your experience, observations, or reading to support you viewpoint.

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I agree that leisure time becoming a rare commodity because technology failed to archive its goals of improving our efficiency. Computers made our life more demanding while making our business more vulnerable to computer outages, communication devices made us accessible everywhere even though it ...

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I do not agree with the above mentioned statement that the failure of technology to achieve its goal of improving our efficiency in our daily pursuits have made leisure time an increasingly rare commodity. People might be having less leisure time but technology is not to be blamed for. In fact technology has made our life much more simpler in many different ways and simpler life is directly proportional to having more free time as we get to finish our works and chores in very less time. Not only our lives have become simpler but technology has made our lives much more convenient too.

The best example to justify this can be one of the marvels of modern technology, computers. Use of computers have reduced long and tedious hours of calculations and computations to very appreciable amount. Calculations that took several hours now can be solved within fractions of seconds which spares a lot of time. Besides calculation there are several other jobs, such as record keeping, task managing, routine developing, etc that computers can perform in so less time that human now have enough leisure time.

Our day to day life is also very much dependent on the use of technology, be it the mobile phone we use or a car in which we travel or the television we use to entertain ourselves, all are the result of modern technology and none of these seem to affect in reducing our leisure time but rather they provide us a lot of extra time for ourselves. Going to your job in a car definitely consumes less time than going to your job on foot. Even in simple tasks like cooking technology reduces a lot of operating time as cooking with all new cooking range and microwave ovens is far more faster than cooking in a kerosine stove, Then how can we say that technology being less effective have taken away our leisure time?

As we can observe so many times in our day to day life that technology has made our lives much simpler and faster the above mentioned statement can be obviously denied and it can be said that the technology is in no way the reason for the consumption of our free time and leisure time s becoming less common only due to the technology being less effective.

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