GRE Essay Topic 330 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "In this age of intensive media coverage, it is no longer possible for a society to regard any woman or man as a hero. The reputation of anyone who is subjected to media scrutiny will eventually be diminished."

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When it comes to hero,the majority of people believe that the are the representation of the society. However, many people tend to live under the illusion that in the age of intensive media coverage, there are is no hero any more. As for me, though I admit that media change the way we look at hero, we still need and have hero.

Whatever else might be said, most people believe that hero is not considered as important as before. An famous once said:” To be a hero is the shortest career in the world.” An increasing of people believe that distinct give the birth of hero. In many people’s views, hero are the men or women who are fulled of merits such as honesty, hardworking and bravary. They are prefect persons without any mistake. However, to err is human. When the media explore those mistake to the public, people usually feel disappoint and claim that the age of hero is far from us.

Moreover, with the development of technology, nearly everyone could become media. Many people use web to gain reputation. Nearly everyday we find some people become famous. However, most them are out of our a few weeks later and never come back. Those phenomena lead us to think that besides hero, all the pupolar figures are “short life”.

Nontheless, I want to point out that in our soceities, heros still alive and never be diminished. Some examples will well confirm my views. Russectu, the present of the United States, who be considered that “lifted the country out of economic depression and revulution the way of life in the United States, is a hero. His bravry reform and diligent lead him to be regards as a hero. In fact, even there are also some scandals such his ex-married about him, people still believe that he is one of the most great presents in the United States. Another heros are the firefighters in 991 events. The whole nation even the world be moved by those firefighters. 234 of them went to the heaven during that events. However, all of them still live in our heart forever.

It is clearly that although in some time we might nubess about hero, it is not to say we do not know who is true hero. Everyone know that heros are not spider-man, bat-man or super-man. True heros are the people who help us go out of difficult situation. Once we are deeply shocked by those true hero, we might understand the meaning of hero. It doesn’t equate with prefercation. It is a way to show the great and bravary of human beings.

From what be discuss above, I may safely come to my conclusion that media might be diminished those “would like to be” hero. However, the true heros still live with us foever!

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