Aceept Challenges

TOEFL Essay Topic 69 - If you could study a subject that you have never had the opportunity to study, what would you choose? Explain your choice, using specific reasons and details.

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Aceept Challenges

If I could get the chance to study the subject that I have never had the opportunity to study, I will definately study it. I am always like to accept the challenges and I believe that someone can definately learn more and more things by studying or by learning a different types of things. For support my opinion i am giving the following reasons and explanations.

I have never get the opportunity to study the basic computer functions and how to operate it. Now a days computer is must in every field. So, If could get the opportunity to study the computer functions and its operation i will definately become very happy and accept the challenge to learn new things which is most important now a days in the world.

If you have a computer knowledge then anyone can easily gets the job in any field. Basically I am a science student so, if i have a computer knowledge then i can assess the internet very easily and gets a lot of informations which are very useful for my study and for developing a my career. Now adyas small firm is using a computerized machines and computer for saving the data and tracking the data. Even in every small shops and small resturants you can see the computer. So, we can think that how much computer knowledge is important.

From above my discussion and as my nature that i alway like to learn newer things. If I could get the opportunity to study the computer operations and basic computer I am feeling very happy to study it.

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