Disagree with the statement

TOEFL Essay Topic 127 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Reading fiction (such as novels and short stories) is more enjoyable than watching movies. Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

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Disagree with the statement

Nowadays people people prefer watching movies than reading novels. In todays world most people prefers to watch a fiction movies than reading it. The simple reason is that people are very busy in everyday life events. In most novels their are some words that the reader might not even know what it meants. This makes the reader to get confused at what he/she is reading about. In effect it slows the reader to find a dictionary to find out exactly what is ment of that particular word or statement.

This will actually makes the reader to stop or do something that might b of productive in his life. The fact is that people are very lazy especially in this our century that we are now living. Let take an example of Harry Porter’s movie, the total number of people that saw the movie is twice or trice the amount of people that are reading the novel itself.

The simple fact is that, movie make a story much more easier for the watcher to understand the story more, and in most movies their are catchy words that they are using that makes viewer to understand the story much more understandable that than in comparing with the novel. Although reading the novel can improve on someones english language. A

Most people read novels when they are travelling or go on vacations. This is because by reading novels they will be able to occupy themselves. Although it needs lots of attention. And interestingly, reading novels makes people to be more smarter, it also widens their membrane.

But just because that we are living in a machine age, I think that people prefers watching movies. It makes them to see exactly what , how and when the story happens. In this respect I am disagree with the statement the reading novels is much more enjoyable, that watching movies.

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