Approach to problem-solving

TOEFL Essay Topic 1073 - What is your approach to problem-solving, and how does it work for you? Use specific details to support your response.

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Approach to problem-solving

Based on one’s own characters, emotional concerns and even educational backgrounds, different people will reach different answers to the question. However, when it comes to me, I firmly believe that it is a good idea that parent should praise their children for their high grade with money. To better illustrate my point of view, several reasons are listed as follows.

To begin with, receiving money can be an encouragement for children to work harder. As I was a child, my parent and I have a deal formulating the money I could get with my grades, such as is I get a grade as 90, I could receive 90 yuan from them. Therefore, in order to get more money, I studied much harder and was voracious to get a high grades, which form a good habit of study and benefit me a lot. The most important thing is that it clarify to me a concept that grades is important, which always remind me to work hard and try my best to get a high grade.

Besides, receiving money with high grade help children to develop another concept that one can’t get paid without working. At a young age, many children just simply asking their parents for money if there is a need, which may form a concept that it is natural to ask someone for money, which absolutely is a wrong idea. However, with the method of receiving money with high grade will let children know there is nothing free in the world, and if you works hard, you would get paid. Also, with the method, the children will believe their hard working is worthful, and eventually will bring them value.

Last but not the least is that the money received could be used to buy some books to broaden their knowledge scopes. As I was a child, I love dinosaur. I always spend my money received from my parents buying some that kind of books and videos, which bring me a lot of fun and relaxation. Therefore, with money recieved from their parents, children could use it to develop their interests, freeing them from heavy study.

There are several other influences relevant to the issue under discussion which, unfortunately, I have no time to explore in detail here. But the above-discussed reasons should in a large sense justify my conclusion that parent should praise their children for their high grade with money, which is a proper way to let children know that their hard working and achievement is worthy and help them develop a concept that all the working will eventually be paid.

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