Stay positive confronting failure is more vital than being successful

TOEFL Essay Topic 63 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Most experiences in our lives that seemed difficult at the time become valuable lessons for the future. Use reasons and specific examples to support our answer.

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Stay positive confronting failure is more vital than being successful

Definition of success varies in everyone who holds different values. There is no definitely correct answer to what is the most important in life. Some people contend that success is most vital in life, others argue keeping happy in failure is more significant. I tend to support the latter view.

Firstly, being happy means inner satisfaction, which is another form of success to some degree. It is difficult to achieve success most of the time, so the process of chasing success is more meaningful to the majority of people. For instance, a lot of athletes fighting for one gold medal in the Olympic game, we often can find smiles on some losers’ faces. They may be happy about the completion of the game with an injury, tiny individual breakthrough or even the valuable opportunity of participation in the game, which is more precious for them rather than a champion. Everyone should be happy even when facing failure as long as you have tried your best and no regrets left.

Besides, good attitude helps to accumulate experience from failure, thereby attributes to further possibilities of success. Everyone has a life-long time to try and fail. People with a positive mind always seek the reason for failure and try to fix it next time. It means that they are closer to success. Therefore, keeping forward optimistically is of great importance facing frustration.

However, success is very important in life because it will contribute to reputation, wealth or social status. But being eager for quick success and instant benefits always results in tragedy. Like some government officers utilize their rights to make easy money, finally commit the corruption crime and end up in jail.
To conclude, keeping happy in failure plays a more crucial role in life comparing success. People have a higher rate of facing failure than success. A positive attitude can help them to move forward to a fruitful and meaningful life even though they may not achieve success in their life.

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