Sports and social activities at universities

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Sports and social activities at universities

In this day and age, there are much more sports and social activities at universities, which also receives some financial support. The debate over whether it is a good trend has been raging for some time. Some consider that university is a place to study knowledge and attending such useless activities should be deemed as a waste of time. However, I would say the exact opposite—for three reasons.

The chief reason is that these activities can relax us from the heavy burden of study. Have you ever tried to study for a whole day with only a few hours rest at mealtime? That would undoubtedly drive you mad. We students are not machines used for study only. It is common for us to do some sports or call up some friends to have a party. Nobody is able to blame us for entertain these kinds of activities. And it would be better if our university supports it and is willing to fund it, which can guarantee our safety when we are occupied in these activities.

Another factor that should be taken into account is that it is a good chance to make friends. Some you meet in an activity may become your best friends, even your future soulmates. My sister and her husband happened to know each other at a party held by their university to celebrate its 100 anniversaries and fell in love after one months’ communication. Now they have a lovely baby and live a happy life. If their university had not held that party, what would my sister’ s life be now?

A third argument that we should not neglect is that these activities are good for our health, not only in physic but in emotion as well. Our body gets full exercises when we attend sports activities, which means more powerful muscle and more resistance to the diseases. We may meet various types of people and improve our social skill when communicating, through which you can also receive happiness. It is just sports and social activities that make our school life colorful and meaningful.

Therefore, for our emotional and physical health and also as a way of relaxation, I strongly recommend that universities should regard afterschool activities as important as study activities and give them equal financial support.

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