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IELTS Essay Topic 734 - People can do longer expect a job for life. What should individuals and governments do to prepare the current and future environments for different working conditions?

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Wrong Title

It is always difficult saying when gain a certain income is totally justified or not, but there are some cases which in it is even harder. Indeed, one of this circumstance regarded the earnings of sportsmen and sportswomen.

On one hand many people think that sportsmen’s salary is high beyond belief. Indeed, they say that sport is only a hobby and that professionals do not need to put any effort in what they do, it is not required to study or to face every day problems. But, on the other hand, we should understand that the reason why athletics get paid so much is a microeconomic one. Therefore, we are in front of the intersection between supply and demand curves, the demand is very high but the supply is lower than how much we expect. This means that companies are willing to pay amount of money incredibly high to get sportsmen for themselves.

Both sides have their own pros and cons, on one side professional in sports have a extraordinarily high wage, but on the other side it is justifiable for their scarce number. However, at the same time it is true that sports professionals are much less accessible than other specialists, but on the contrary these last had studied for the whole life.

In my opinion, it is not fair paying specialist such as experts, doctors, professors ecc. as much as sports professionals, or even less. It is unfair because they had made a professional career trough studying and making sacrifices. But it does not mean that in the sport field it is not the same. To sum up, I do not totally agree with the both sides, but I deeply believe that if you are the only one that is able to do something you should benefit from that circumstance and this let me in part justified the earnings of sports professionals.

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