Taking care of elderly

IELTS Essay Topic 990 - In Britain, when someone gets old they often go to live in a home with other old people where there are nurses to look after them. Sometimes the government has to pay for this care. Who should be responsible for our old people?

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Taking care of elderly

This is a very flexible topic to argue upon. Both sides of the argument have their own pros and cons, but I would like to argue about the responsibility of the administration to take care of eldest members of its community. In the following paragraphs, I will be supporting my thesis with some examples and considerations.

First of all, we should know that as citizens we pay taxes to gain services. These services consist of healthcare, education, ecc.; so there is a part of our money address to take care of oldest. The local or national administration should use what citizens pay for their own convenience and so for taking care of people who cannot afford the spending for their own health. Indeed, it is common that old people need help that only nurses or doctors can provide, but for remuneration.

Secondly, it happens that eldest cannot pay experts (such as nurses) or infrastructures because they do not work anymore or did not save enough money while they were working. Maybe some people will put forward a doubtful point about the state carrying the charge of all costs, saying that in these cases, the relatives should take care of them. But what will it happen if they do not have relatives? What should the administrations do in this case? Do they forget old people and ignore their situation?

In my opinion, as a community, we cannot leave anyone behind. It is important to give to citizens the chance to face any kind of diseases. To sum up, from what I have discussed above, we can safely reach the conclusion that rulers should be responsible for each member of society and so for the eldest ones.

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