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GMAT Essay Topic 468 - The following appeared as part of an article on government funding of environmental regulatory agencies. "When scientists finally learn how to create large amounts of copper from other chemical elements, the regulation of copper mining will become unnecessary. For one thing, since the amount of potentially available copper will no longer be limited by the quantity of actual copper deposits, the problem of overmining will quickly be eliminated altogether. For another, manufacturers will not need to use synthetic copper substitutes, the production of which creates pollutants. Thus, since two problems will be settled ? overmining and pollution ? it makes good sense to reduce funding for mining regulation and either save the money or reallocate it where it is needed more." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc.

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The article on government funding of environment regulatory agencies above recommends reducing funding for mining regulation and either save the money or reallocated the funds. The premise of this argument is that once scientists finally learn how to create large amounts of copper from other chem...

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The argument is proposing to reduce the funding for mining regulation. This conclusion is derived by assuming that over mining and pollution are major problems which need regulation. This argument assumes that low availability of copper is the cause of over mining without refuting other possible causes. So this argument has a flaw called causal association. This argument has two major flaws.

First it assumes that cost of cooper produced by the new process using other chemicals will be same as the cost of producing copper by traditional method. If the cost of production of copper using other chemicals is significantly higher than traditional process then over mining might not be eliminated. If the copper produced using other chemicals has highly favorable characteristics for use in products made by copper substitutes would strengthen the claim.

Second it assumes that synthetic copper substitutes can be replaced by using copper substitutes. If it is not possible to do so then producers will continue to use synthetic substitutes in spite of large availability of copper. The argument doesn't throw any light on to the extent current over mining.

To sum up Any information regarding quality of copper made by using chemicals will help evaluate the argument. Information stating that copper industry needs to be regulated for reasons other than over mining and pollution would refute the argument.

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