Tart Fishing Policy

GMAT Essay Topic 500 - The following appeared as part of an article in a local newspaper. "Over the past three years the tartfish industry has changed markedly: fishing technology has improved significantly, and the demand for tartfish has grown in both domestic and foreign markets. As this trend continues, the tartfish industry on Shrimp Island can expect to experience the same over-fishing problems that are already occurring with mainland fishing industries: without restrictions on fishing, fishers see no reason to limit their individual catches. As the catches get bigger, the tartfish population will be dangerously depleted while the surplus of tartfish will devalue the catch for fishers. Government regulation is the only answer: tartfish -fishing should be allowed only during the three-month summer season, when tartfish reproduce and thus are most numerous, rather than throughout the year." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc.

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The article in the newspaper claims that the government should regulate the tartfish industry in order to prevent the overfishing problems which already affects the main island fishing industries. This argument is based on the premise that demand for tart fish has increased in both domestic and f...

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As presented in the passage the Tartfish seems to be gaining popularity in the recent past in both the domestic and foreign markets. The tartfish industry is driven on demand and overfishing could be a result; which may eventually lead to the collapse of the entire ecosystem of the industry and the loss of livelihood for many fishers. The author looks to introduce certain regulations however these are short of merit as presented below.

A government regulation which limits fishing of Tartfish for 3 months a year would result in the overfishing of these fish during this period. In order to make the most of the fishing period the fishers would work overtime and harvest the maximum possible fish. Hence there would be a glut in the market and prices would drop which would eventually lead to loss for the fishers. To make up this loss they would fish more and try to sell more at a lower price. This would result in a further drop in the Tartfish population and a shortfall of fish for the next year. A year on year trend of this sort would result in the extinction of these fish. There would also be some players who would stock large quantities of fish in deep freezers and start hiking the price at times when the fish availability would be low, resulting in a bad opinion in the public reducing demand.

The newspaper article also talks about a fishing period during the 3 month summer. They mention that the tartfish reproduce during this time. If the tartfish are pregnant during this period and are caught it would result in the killing of many unborn fish which would result in lower fish availability during the next year.

As presented above the government regulation needs to be reviewed in detail prior to introduction. To ensure that overfishing does not occur, the government could ban the use of modern shipping methods by which the harvest per trip would be limited. They could also introduce a law that limits the catch of fish. In addition fishing could be banned during the summer season providing time for the fish to reproduce resulting in a higher catch throughout the year. These measures could help in the sustenance of the Tartfish industry over a long time.

The author has attempted to convince the readers to accept a government regulation. The regulation seems to have been proposed without reviewing the actual ground realities. If the author could provide more information on the actual demand for tartfish vs the current availability, the current catch of fish being harvested by the fishers etc. it would help the readers to judge the proposed government regulation more critically and arrive at a calculated consensus.

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