Hippocrene Plumbing Supply

GMAT Essay Topic 502 - The following appeared as part of an article in the business section of a local newspaper. "Hippocrene Plumbing Supply recently opened a wholesale outlet in the location once occupied by the Cumquat Caf?. Hippocrene has apparently been quite successful there because it is planning to open a large outlet in a nearby city. But the Cumquat Caf?, one year after moving to its new location, has seen its volume of business drop somewhat from the previous year's. Clearly, the former site is a better business location, and the Cumquat Caf? has made a mistake in moving to its new address." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc.

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Hippocrene Plumbing Supply

In the local newspaper, an article concludes Hippocrene Plumbing Supply is running a successful path and Cumquat café is running a contrary path. The articles reasoning is based on the facts that Hippocrene Plumbing Supply is opening a new store in a different location and Cumquat Café is dropping its sales volume. Though article’s claim has some merits, the author provides poorly reasoned argument, based on several questionable assumptions, and we cannot accept his argument as valid.

Firstly, the article predicate that Hippocrene Plumbing Supply is successful based solely on opening of its new store. However, success is not the number of the stores that the franchise opens, but mainly its sales or how well it is contributing to the society. It is true that opening a new store requires affluent money, but even though you are not successful and short on money there are variety of options to fund your company. Therefore, readily assuming that opening a new store is some sign of success is disregarding many factors, making this article unconvincing. This article would much improve if it shows data of sales or profits, or some questioners from customers.

Secondly, the article concludes that Cumquat Café is failing just because it is losing the sales volume. This reasoning is somewhat understandable, but the article is utterly incognizant of the fact that sales are not everything that matters. Even though your amount of sales decreases sharply, you can still be profitable if you cut the costs or earn more marginal profit. Hence, assuming that Cumquat café is failing based on the amount of its sales is ill-reasoned, and it is preferable to present more data relating to Cumquat café if the article want to make his statement uncompelling.

Finally, this article is oblivious of denoting these two stores details. If we want to compare two companies we must be informed of what kind of stores they are, what type of customers they target, or how they manage to produce profits. Without these factors we have no way to make valid comparison, and therefore implausible. I believe it is crucial that this article presents more details regarding these two stores if the article want to make its case.

In summary, the author’s illogical argument is based on unsupported premises and unsubstantiated assumptions that render his conclusion invalid. If the author wants to improve this article, he must reconstruct the structure, fix the flaws in his logic, clearly explicate his assumptions, and provide evidentiary support. Without these the article is illogical and thus unconvincing.

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