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TOEFL Essay Topic 141 - If you could make one important change in a school that you attended, what change would you make? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

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Virtual world

In the recent years, partly because of the widespread of the Internet and the popularizing of the mobile phone, increasing teenagers are addicted in virtual world. It is not surprising to find that many teens do not acknowledge some historic knowledge even the basic knowledge. Therefore, many people thinks that there is a necessity to make history course as a required one. However, I hold the viewpoint that it is not necessary to focus all students to study history class based on following reasons.

First of all, learning extra course would increase the burden of students so that they may lose the interest of learning. No one could deny the importance of interest that plays in education. And given that the present burden of curriculum is much heavy, the extra studying of history must worsen this situation. Consequently, many students, especially the teens who is easily lose the interest of study, would view the study as a tedious process and frown on school. The likely result is to give up the effort in the studying, even drop out of school. The payment of adding this extra course outweigh the benefit.

Further, studying extra course, history, must diminish the time of enjoyment or entertainment. In fact, entertainment is also an essential part of the study. I think the people who do not know how to relax himself or herself could not get a perfect academic performance. However, the time and energy of student is not infinite but limited. The more time spending in study extra course, the less time could be utilized in enjoyment. For a long time, most students must find their efficiency of study is decrease. It is not desirable decision with the consideration overall academic performance.

Granted, there is some positive effect to learn history course, for example, argument of the nation identity and form a sense of loving country. However, these effects do not mean that the necessity that acknowledge the historical knowledge by required course. In fact school could use other way to enhance their aware of knowing history, for example arrange a small task based on a history background.

In summary, from what has been discussed above, I can safely draw the conclusion that the disadvantage of learning history course outweigh the advantage. Therefore, there is no necessity to learn it as required course.

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