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GMAT Essay Topic 511 - The following appeared as an editorial in a magazine concerned with educational issues. "In our country, the real earnings of men who have only a high -school degree have decreased significantly over the past fifteen years, but those of male college graduates have remained about the same. Therefore, the key to improving the earnings of the next generation of workers is to send all students to college. Our country's most important educational goal, then, should be to establish enough colleges and universities to accommodate all high school graduates." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc.

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In a magazine, the editorial explains us why the author thinks it is preferable to found more and more colleges and universities in the country. He reasons that because over the past fifteen years earnings of high school graduates have declined while earnings of college graduates remained unchang...

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In this article the author asserts that the cause of the diminution of men's real earnings is to attribute to the lack of higher education. He thinks that we could resolve the problem by establishing more colleges and universities. Even if the argument seems sound he fails to show evidences of the link between real earnings and the number of colleges and universities. His argument is flawed because of the lack of evidences in the premises and because of his deductions that have no factual ground.

Firstly, there is a loophole in his premises. He is using assertions about two subgroups of the population to make a general statement. By comparing high school graduate's earnings and college graduate earnings he makes an induction by saying that the way to improve earnings is to send everybody to college. But he fails to take into account the real earning of those who don't have even a high school degree, what do we know about them? Nothing. And what about women? He speaks of real earnings of men but he doesn't say a thing about those of women. It is possible that college graduate women's real earnings have decreased as well. The lack of information in his premises in wich he bases his conclusion show that the argument is very weak.

Secondly the Author assumes that by establishing enough colleges and universities there will be more applicants. His deduction is flawed because he bases his thoughts on an unproven assumption. Nothing in text lead us to think that the reason why more students don't go to college is beacause there isn't enough space for everybody. He doesn't consider the long list of other reasons why highschool graduates won't go. It could be because of the tuition, to expensive or because they prefer to work instead of studying or that some people prefer to continue their studies not in college but in other institutions.

For all of the above reasons the Author's claim is not supported by his arguments and his wrong assumption make his conclusion open to debate

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