Parent or a teacher, whose role is more important?

TOEFL Essay Topic 703 - Do you agree with the following statement? Good teachers are more important to a child's development than good parents. Use specific details to support your argument.

Author: varun upadhye | Date: November 12, 2017 | Score:5

The statement given by the author itself is a debatable one as it won’t have any definite answer as many people would have different opinions. Parents are the two most important building blocks for every living beings on this planet. A teacher is one who is always looked at for help guidance an...

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The extended family Score: 4.5 December 28th, 2017 by 小米

In the past, every family have more than one children, they didn’t have enough time to take care of their children, so the grandparents are always to be the proper person to solve the dilemma. Yet, recently years most of families have only one child, which they prefer to foster themselves. So it is similarly the importance of the role the extended family played in the whole family are decrease. Yet, I disagree with it because extended family can give us a sense of family, some priceless experience and some knowledge about the past times.

Although we does not need our grandparents to help us foster our children, by staying with the them we can get a sense of family. Nowadays we have to face various pressure such as tackling daily work and family emotionally problems. In these moment our grandparents can give us a sense of belonging and security, which will help us recover and refresh more quickly. For instance. I have meet a problem how to deal with the relationship with my boyfriend. I usually feel very sadness. My grandparents always encouraged me and heartfelt concerned the solution for me, which make me feel very affected. With his accompany i become more confident and hopeful towards my life.
Another reason is that the extended family members can give us more priceless experience which will help us avoid many mistakes and achieve more quickly. Because the grandparents are older than us and have experienced many things, which make them more intelligible. For example, my grandparents are a famous teacher which the profession i work now, he often guide me how to make the classes more interesting and inspiring, and how to communicate with different students more appropriately through many interesting stories and experiences. All of these are precious knowledge and cannot obtained through books and classes.
Admittedly, besides ourselves efforts our extended family can make our work and life more efficiency and comfortable. We cannot ignore there importance contributions to our growth. We should cherish the moment they are staying with us.

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