TOEFL Essay Topic 90 - If you could meet a famous entertainer or athlete, who would that be, and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

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There are many celebrities and a lot of athletes whom people want to meet in life. It would be a very curious event if I got such chance. The person whom I would like to meet is Buffon, one of the most famous and fantastic soccer goalkeepers in the world. The main reason why I choose him is that I’m a goalkeeper, too. I’m longing for meeting him, I would like to train myself with him if I met him, and I would like to ask what he thinks while he is playing as a goalkeeper in games.
Buffon is an Italian goalkeeper, and traditionally a goalkeeper is the most significant position in Italy because Italian soccer put weight on not only offense but also defense. Buffon, in this mean, is the best player because of his career in Italian national team. He has been selected as a national team goalkeeper for twenty years. I, as the same positon player, have referenced his amazing saves by watching his plays on the internet. If I could meet him, I would be crazy because of my exciting feeling.
Moreover, I’m interested in his training manuals that enable him to response shoots during games. One of the most different points from other goalkeepers in the world is his position technique. He always pays enough attention to the movement of forwards and puts his body in the correct place in front of the goal mouth. I would like to train with him and try to obtain the technique for my play.
In addition to this reason, I would also like to know his point of view in games. A goalkeeper, in general, not only saves shoots kicked from the opponent team players but also point out defender’s mistakes and predict the next situation. This requires a lot of concentration. However, he plays those important and challenging roles in games almost completely. I’m interested in his perspectives which provide me with a chance to enhance my skill and brain as a goalkeeper.
On the whole, meeting a famous athlete is a dream for most of the people, but if they met such persons, that must make people happy. If I got such chance, I would like to meet Buffon because I have longed for him, and I would like to know his incredible techniques and perspectives.

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