TOEFL Essay Topic 159 - The twentieth century saw great change. In your opinion, what is one change that should be remembered about the twentieth century? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

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Various inventions exist in the twentieth century, and some of them change our lives, our values, and our environment completely different from the past. In my opinion, the car is the most important invention that changed our world, because it dramatically changed our transportation systems, our environment, and city landscapes.
First of all, the appearance of an automobile enabled people to transport something to anywhere as they want. This changed not only how people commute their office but also the economic system, especially the access and transportation of the resources, products, and people. The rapid development of a car technology allowed even families to possess it and they could travel to wherever they want. This change provided by the vehicle invented in the last century is crucial even now.
Second, the impact of cars on our environment is so large that people learned to change their way of thinking of the environment. Cars emit a lot of gases which has a negative influence on our environment. For example, numerous cars in Japan in the1960s emit such gases and particles, and they resulted in the heavy air pollution. People living in the area along with the high ways could not open their house’s window because of the unhealthy airs. This problem was controversial at that time and changed our point of view on the environment.
Third, the landscapes in the urban area were changed entirely because of cars. In order to improve the car handling and the safety of drivers, many asphalt roads had been constructed in cities. The construction deprived people of spaces to talk with neighbors on the streets. It eliminated many kinds of green along the streets. Moreover, the main character on the roads changed from people to automobiles.
On the whole, the invention of cars in the twentieth century had been not only positive but also negative effects on our world. From my point of view, the changes resulted from it is significant for people because the transportation, the environments, and the city landscapes have been completely changed by the vehicle.

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