TOEFL Essay Topic 18 - What are some important qualities of a good supervisor (boss)? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.

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Life in office is dependent on how smart a supervisor is in a company. There are many kinds of books about this topic because many people pay attention to the social interest of what is a good leader in order to enhance work efficiency. In my opinion, a good supervisor has the ability to communicate with his colleagues and other workers very well, to motivate other workers, and to have an objective point of view while working. Those capabilities are essential qualities, I think.

First of all, communication skill is essential for a work environment. A good supervisor needs to be a communicative person who enables others not to hesitate to ask for help and discuss. If a supervisor does not care about it, many workers belonging to the boss can not ask the supervisor’s outlook. A good supervisor has a responsibility to know what is happening in his company and what other employees feel in the working environment. Communication skill as a good supervisor provides many chances to improve further job environment.

Second, a good supervisor has to motivate other workers to work hard as much as possible. This is another part of his responsibility as a supervisor. Motivation is an important factor for working. Most of the workers have a desire to be acclaimed for his work and to be admitted his efforts. Many supervisors do just check other workers’ submission and point out mistakes. This working style deprives workers of their motivation. On the other hand, a good supervisor has the skill to stimulate employees’ motivation by understanding their efforts.

Third, an objective point of view is significant as a good supervisor. One of the most important jobs as a supervisor is to make a decision when they need to do something changed for the company. For instance, a supervisor in a product design company needs to change their office because of lacking space for work in an existing office. If he just decides their new building only by taking easy access to the capital city into account, the room must be too expensive for such kind of business. Although it is challenging to determine such important thing, how calm he is in the situation is the key to success as a good supervisor.

On the whole, a good supervisor can not avoid requiring many qualities because of his high responsibility. From my point of view, a good supervisor has qualities, to get good communication with others, to make others motivate themselves, and to have an objective perspective.

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