Should the study of history emphasis on individuals

GRE Essay Topic 217 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "The study of history places too much emphasis on individuals. The most significant events and trends in history were made possible not by the famous few, but by groups of people whose identities have long been forgotten."

Author: Robert | Date: November 6, 2017 | Score:5

I concede that groups of people play more pivotal role than key individuals in some historical developments. However, I think we should also emphasis on individual contribution to history because they were more important than groups of people in other developments and inspired us in current life....

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Emphasis of historical events on individuals Score: 3.5 July 9th, 2015 by

I am totally agreed with the author's claim that we have only enumerated the names of famous personalities of our historical events yet we all aware that there were also too many other audacious people who had made their significant contributions in our famous battles, wars & other events although their contribution remain unnoticed & thus they were unable to made their position in the list of famous personalities.

Be it a war of kalinga or battle of panipath, our famous epics Ramayana & Mahabharata, other social battles concerning widows remarriage, dowry, women empowerment . Our history is full of magnanimous events but accolade were given to only few.
Myriads of soldiers put their life in danger & fought numerous of battles, yet their contributions is not mentioned anywhere in our world history.
"Jhansi ki Rani" was not able to conquer the whole battle against Britishers until she got many supportive hands who were with her until the last minute of thier life.

People today's also knew only that facts that are mentioned in our history & nothing beyond than that. Its the work of our erudite researchers to investigate & search more hidden facts & contributions of our ancient, medievial & modern history so that people will get to know more about this.

From this issue, it can be concluded that, there is a need of dearth search on our history to enlighten contributions of others apart from famous one.

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