Governments should fund art

GRE Essay Topic 384 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Most important discoveries or creations are accidental: it is usually while seeking the answer to one question that we come across the answer to another."

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Some people believe that the government should fund the arts to ensure it can flourish and be available to all people while others evaluate such funding a threaten to the integrity of the arts. In my opinion, these two extreme positions miss the point entirely. The effects of the funding have to ...

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I do not agree with the assertion that many discoveries or creations are accidental. While it might be true that some discoveries or creations were the result of a different objective, they do not represent the majority.

By and large many creations or discoveries are formed in response to a certain need. A cure for a disease such as smallpox, for example, was discovered because researchers were developing it specifically to treat this disease. By the same token, most creations have a specific goal. The printing press, for example, were created in order to spread various writings such as the bible.

In any case, some stories about accidental discoveries or creation are mostly myths. Such is the case of Newton and his discovery of the law gravity. According to the popular story, Newton was calmly sitting beneath an apple tree when one of the apples fell on his head and an imaginary lightbulb lit up. The fall of the apple supposedly led him to formulate the law of gravity. This story however is merely an example of the many myths we form around many scientific discoveries in order to simplify the discovery and make it easier to understand.

All things considered, I believe most discoveries and creations are rather intentional. We did not stumble upon the formula of the law of gravity by accident nor discover the cure for a certain disease. Such discoveries or creations cannot be attributed to plain coincidence.

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