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GMAT Essay Topic 460 - The following appeared as part of a business plan recommended by the new manager of a musical rock group called Zapped. "To succeed financially, Zapped needs greater name recognition. It should therefore diversify its commercial enterprises. The rock group Zonked plays the same type of music that Zapped plays, but it is much better known than Zapped because in addition to its concert tours and four albums, Zonked has a series of posters, a line of clothing and accessories, and a contract with a major advertising agency to endorse a number of different products." Discuss how well reasoned . . . Etc.

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In a proposal from the new manager regarding a musical rock group called Zapped, the manager appealed the importance of name recognition in order to succeed financially. In an attempt to support his idea, the manager recites the example of the rock group called Zonked. Stated in this way, the arg...

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The argument that Zapped needs greater name recognition in order to succeed financially is not sound entirelly convincing, since it omits certain crucial assumptions.

First, the argument assumes that Zonked is much better known than Zapped because of the concert tours they have made and the four albums they have recorded. However it may not be the case, since the argument does not include information about the number of Zonked's records that have been purchased in comparison with those of Zapped. Additionally, it is not clearly stated whether Zonked occupies a much better position on top charts than Zapped or if the difference between those spots are significant.

Second, the argument presumes that if Zapped decides to diversify their commercial enterprises, they would gain much more popularity within people. Nevertheless, Zapped's acceptance within the audience could not be as high as expected, so all the investment done in such businesses might be lost. Likewise, the argument does not clarify whether Zonked's succeed in those kind of industries is due to a longer career or recognition among people.

Finally, the argument points out that Zonked is recognized not only because of their music, but also because of the advertisement made and the merchandise sold in their different enterprises. Though, it could be the case that such recognition comes only from the music they play, so people might be interested in buying their records or tickets for several shows rather than the additional products they offer.

Thus, the evidence presented does little to prove the conclusion and consequently, the argument is not completely cogent. Ultimatelly, the argument might have been strengthened by including information about sales percentage of Zonked compared to that of Zapped; by clarifying whether Zonked's commertial enterprises have been an important key in order to reach that level of recognition or not and by specifying if their popularity comes from the music played or because of the products they merchandise.

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