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IELTS Essay Topic 737 - Business education and training today must promoter environmental awareness.

Author: dealing | Date: November 4, 2017 | Score:5

In this day and age, much ink has been spilled out about whether a variety of types of tasks or similar ones could bring more satisfaction to workers. Some people claim that doing same jobs are easier, so that employees would become more satisfied. A large number of other people disagree, and arg...

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Environment is the word which best represents XXI century. Environmental sustainability, environmental protection, environmental educations and awerness have taken a marked place in the society's managment all over the world. Every society is building its significant and efficient ervironmental awarness to involve its citizens in collaboration and cooperation to bring a more sustainable planet. In order to get this goal I believe that business education and training have to promote the evironmental awerness to make a significant difference in the society.

The business education and training have the perfect features to enrich the environmentall awarness; the reason is why this kind of education and traing programme is based on how to talk to people and, throught this, how to get changes in society. Furthermore the environmental awarness needs to be explained not by a negative prospective but, always, by a positive prospective and this is the mood followed by business education and training to make "followers". For istance, fo the last ten years, lot of companies (like petrol, technological, manifacture company and may others) has started to be and to promote their "green" issues and products. For example, so far this year, Apple company has decided to take its energy not from fossil fuels but from renewable energy. This Apple's change made a lot of reflection not only in the digital and technological world but also between the common people.

In conclusion, I belive that environmetal awarness needed to be built in everyone, because it is essential to bring a more sustainable future for human beings. Of course the business world of education and training makes a big resonance in the societies and it has to coninue its promotion of envionmental style of life.
At the end, it will probably be a long trip but in environmental awerness we have a usefull friend to learn how to solve environmental problems.

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