The benefits of the relationship with pets

TOEFL Essay Topic 182 - Many people have a close relationship with their pets. These people treat their birds, cats, or other animals as members of their family. In your opinion, are such relationships good? Why or why not? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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The benefits of the relationship with pets

At this time, many people have a domestic animal.
My personal opinion is that have a pet can transmit you a lot of positive emotions and attentions not found in any other way. Despite that, everyone has to remember that have a pet is a great responsibility because it needs of a lot of attentions and obligations and for this reason, the decision to take an animal must be done only if you are really convinced. I think that all the cares that pets need are returned back from the animals themselves. For example, when you leave an animal alone because you have to work all the day, as soon as you get home he or she will already be waiting outside the door even before you are arrived. Animals can recognize your voice or your presence from distant because they are totally dependent on your person. Another example that it comes to my mind regarding the patience. When the animal is a puppy, you have to teach him where he must do his needs or what things he doesn’t destroy it. The pets can’t learn immediately and you have to be patience at the first time. This kind of merit can help people to be more patience also with other people and not only with their own animal.
Animals, furthermore, can support old people that lives alone and needs to have someone which is able to give them love and attentions. Many senior citizens say to become younger when they have decided to take care of a pet because, for example, they have to take out the animal and in this way, they are obliged to go out and walking a lot.
Pets are useful also with kids. Many studies, in fact, demonstrate that babies that grow up with a pet are more sociable because they have been accustomed to stay with another be living.

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