To be honest or not

TOEFL Essay Topic 704 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Always telling the truth is the most important considertion in any relationship between people.

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To be honest or not

In this day and age, many people claim that being honest may hurt others in some way.For instance, telling the patient he will die next Wednesday would be a cruel and inhumane thing. I don’t deny this point but there is no doubt that honesty is the most important characteristic for a team leader for at least three reasons.

The chief reason is that honesty is our most important traditional virtue and each of us should be an honest person in our daily life, nonetheless in an organization or a group. I once heard a story about a boy who cheated his friends and eventually lost everything he had. Besides folktales or fairy stories, a wealthy of public-interest advertisements talking about the importance of honesty has been produced, to raise people’s awareness of honesty.

Another factor that should be taken into account is that honesty has been seen as an essential ingredient of teamwork.Honesty is the cornerstone of trust, which considered as a main driving force behind perfect cooperation in teams. If a team leader were hypocrisy instead of an honest person, what would the team be? If the team members couldn’t even trust their team leader, who could they trust and how could this team change into an excellent team?

A third argument that we should not neglect is that as a leader, he is seen as a model by other members. A leader may have some short-points somewhere but being upright and honest is the prerequisite, otherwise, the others won’t completely accept him as a leader. So if the model is dishonest, the others may think “why did this hypocrisy person be my leader?” or “I would do much better in his position”.

Therefore, its important position in traditional culture, teamwork and model establishment are all compelling justification for honesty to be an elementary characteristic of a leader.

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