TOEFL Essay Topic 143 - Some people believe that students should be given one long vacation each year. Others believe that students should have several short vacations throughout the year. Which viewpoint do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

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In my opinion, I agree with the idea that schools shall give students one long vacation every year rather than give them some short vacations throughout the year. First, students need some
Periods when they forget about the academic course and be enthusiastic about their own adventure in the actual world. Second, by having a small gaps during semesters, students can keep their concentration
on their course work.
To begin with, a long vacation gives students an opportunity to spend decent time to the things they are interested in, other than studying. Days in schools, especially in university, are one of the most important periods for one’s life, since students decide their carrier plan of their whole life, and it is necessary for students to experience as many things as possible.
For example, university students in Japan actually have one long vacation in summer. One of my friends, whose name is Kenichi, was a political-science major when he entered university, hoping to become a diplomat in his future. He had been quite sure about his carrier plan during his academic course, but three-month vacation completely changed his point of view. In the summer vacation, he travelled all around the world, realizing that the business is as important as politics for connecting the world. Through the conversation with business people he encountered in his travel, he found himself more suitable in business rather than politics, and he changed his major from political science to business. In this way, a long vacation enables students to reset their mind set and re-consider their carrier through their own adventure in the real world.
Second, making a long vacation substantially shortens a gap between semesters, which obliges students to concentrate on their course work during their academic year. When I was studying abroad in the U.S., I had two two-week breaks in one academic year, while I haven’t had that long breaks in Japan. I felt it prevents students from focusing on their study, since students have to think about what to do during next vacation too often. In fact in my case, I went on a trips for every breaks, requiring me to plan for it at least two months beforehand. As a consequence, I started planning for next trips right after I came back from the previous trip and I realized that I was always researching where to go during the semester. As shown in above example, giving students too many vacations clearly disrupts students’ study.
In conclusion, based on my experiences mentioned above, I am for the opinion that schools gives students one long vacation per year rather than several vacations throughout the year.

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