TOEFL Essay Topic 1070 - You have the opportunity to visit a foreign country for two weeks. Which country would you like to visit? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

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If I get a chance to go a foreign country for two weeks, I want to go to Australia.There is a personal story why I choose Australia.
When I was a child, I met an australian girl. She came to Japan for a summer project and she stayed my house during the summer. We are the same age and character so we got close easily. After she went back to Australia, we kept in thouch with each other. I really missed her. I deceided to go there to see her when I grow up.
Then when I became 20 years old, I went to Australia. This was the first abroad trip for me. I saved money to get tickets and planned everything by myself. I remembered that I had a lot of feelings. I was excited to see her and her family but at the same time, I was nervous because I’ve never been to outside of Japan at that time. And also, I worried about if I can talk with her and her family in English. When we first time met, we were children so we didn’t matter we couldn’t speak either languages. But after growing up, we defenitly need to talk as an adult. I had learnd English since I was a child but I didnt’t have a confidence.
When I got to Australia, they really welcomed me to their home. I was relieved and I got love them soon. However, there was a problem that I exactly expected. I didn’t talk to them so much. There were two reasons. Frist, my English was not good enough. Second, her family spoke in strong Australian accent. I’ve never heard an australina accent so I was suprised. But totally, I had an amazing experience during the stay thanks to them.
After coming back to Japan from Australia, I decided that I should go there again but next time with fluently English. I’ve been studied Enlish hard, traveld a lot and made a lot of friends all over the world. So I think, now I’m ready to go to Australia and to see them again.

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