GENERAL Essay Topic 2014 - Your old neighborhood

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In the past, it is more frequently that people would talk to their neighbor as well as share the thing such as home-made food with them.On the other hand, people seldon get in touch with their neighbors in today society. In my opinion,I actually agree that neighbors depend on each other less than people did in the past.
To begin with, duo to the convenience of modern technology, individuals are able to acquire what they want without neighbor help. An example comes into me is that I can easy get the food what I want to eat without any question. However, if I lived at the acient time, I should exchange what my pocession with the neighbors’ in order to get the thing I eager. It is the improvement of technology that modern people can live still more indepent life without neighbors’s help.
In addition ,thanks to the security and police officer, we can live more safely. In the past, neighbors play a very crucial role because they can notice wethere there was a stranger. If they find out the thief, they could alarm each other and catch the theif as soon as possible.On the contrary, people nowadys live more peaceful life and are capable to sleeping well at night.And we don’t need to worry about the rubbery anymore owing to the help of cameras.
Lastly, the relationship of neighbors bonds more tighly in the past as result of limited transportation. People could hardly go out of their hometown, so the support of the neighbors was very important. Nevertheless, the improvement of transportation enable individuals to travel everywhere. Traveling around the whole world is not the dream anymore. Therefore, it is apparently that the role of neighbors become less and less important.
Undoubtedly, neighbors could also take care us and help us a lot of thing. But as the time flow away, thier importancy will decrease and people could lead the lives without depending on neghbors.

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