Complain in writing or complain in person

TOEFL Essay Topic 160 - When people need to complain about a product or poor service, some prefer to complain in writing and others prefer to complain in person. Which way do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Author: Nazbanu | Date: October 11, 2017 | Score:5

Nowadays, customer services allow people to announce their opinion about different products. In business world, client satisfaction is the base of competence so the customers' viewpoints definitely matter. Some people write reviews online, whereas others inform employers in person. Each method ha...

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Although the complaint sometimes makes others feel bad, such complaint about a devoided products or services is used to enhance the quality of it. If I had to choose the style, text or oral communication, I would like to complain in person.The reasons for this are that I can easily prepare what I would say, and get an answer quickly compared with text style.

First of all, writing texts takes hours, but talking directly does not require times for preparation. For example, when I find a poor service offered by a restaurant, do I have to write a text to the owner? Although the organization of the problem in the situation by writing text would clear the responsibility and possibility to improve the service, the time I spend on writing is not worthy. On the other hand, direct communication does not have such process. Of course, we should take care of the blame for the relationship with the provider because what is most important in the situation is to find a solution for the problem. Face expression and interaction with each other enable us to reach a better solution.

In addition to this, the direct complaint about a product allows us to obtain a quick response from the providers who make a mistake in the process of manufacturing it. A claim in text takes hours or days to reach the responsible person for the products. This procedure means that it also takes hours to get a response from the man. We can save time for waiting for it by saying the complaint directly in person. Moreover, the quick answer provides owners or providers with an opportunity to increase the communication with customers. The customers’ outlook on their services or commodities is significant for the improvement and innovation. The complaint in person has such advantage for both customers and makers.

On the whole, a complaint has a negative image for business, and in fact, sometimes it has a big negative influence on the company which offers the product or service. However, I prefer to complain bad service or mistake in products in person because of saving time for preparation of writing a text and the quick response which enhance our communication.

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