Parents do not understand their children

TOEFL Essay Topic 172 - When students move to a new school, they sometimes face problems. How can schools help these students with their problems? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

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Parents do not understand their children

With the development of science and technology, educational system has also been promoted by their government, and some teaching patterns have also changed dramatically, which cause a big controversial in the whole society. Some people would like to say that parents do not understand their children as much as well as did 50 years ago, while other dissenters would believe parents have played a predominated role in the children’s education nowadays. Honestly, I am in favor of the later one.

There is no denying that parents are, nowadays, more likely to get to know and get in touch with their own children. In others words, with the invention of smart phones and advanced social application such as WeChat, parents would have more communications with their children without limitation of distance and time. And they also can get to know their children indirectly through sending massages to their teachers. For example, I attended a summer camp in a educational institution last summer break, and we determined to visit around a museum which had a quite distance with my home. So my mother was a little bit worried about me. During this interesting trip, she used his phone to navigate me, called our group leader for my behavior and performance. Obviously, modern parents actually take more care about their children because they can make a good use of their advanced resources.

It is evident that modern parents have a high-level consciousness for caring their children. On one hand, with the promotion of the Family Planning by government, mostly, one family only has only one child, so parents would emotionally attach more importance to their kid. They put all hope on the shoulders of their child. On the other hand, modern parents are more likely to get a high degree in the university. They could use multiple means to care their child, and they are also impacted by modern society and updated educational pattern. So they must pay more attention to their children.

In addition, the economical level of family enhances also provide enough resources for parents to take more care of their children. Specifically, they would purchase some more healthy food and daily use for their children, which ensure the children’s development. In that case, the children could live more safely. Compared with these families, those families in the past could not pay such a high service for their children.

All in all, with our cautiously discussion and deliberation, we know that parents nowadays have give more priority to the development of their children. The advanced technology and high-level consciousness support them to ensure a more secure fundamental growth of the children.

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