Governments’ decision

GRE Essay Topic 314 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "A crucial test of character is whether one is able to adapt to changing social conventions without sacrificing one`s principles."

Author: YE | Date: October 11, 2017 | Score:5

In the statement, the author asserts that the governors should make decisions independently without regarding the willing of people. However, it’s completely misleading, it even could be the Hitler’s accuse for the invasion to Poland and the start of the second World War. The ideology behind this...

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Change is the only constant. That makes clear that change is ineluctable. But these changes cannot be in track with one's principles. A change in social convention is what that evolved over a period of years due to different approaches by different people. We have to adapt to these changes, else we will feel anachronistic.

Though one has to adapt to the changes around, doesn't mandate that it has to be achieved by trading one's principles. The social convention can be customized to fit into our principles. For example the medium of communication changes from letters to cell phone and internet today. We can adapt to these changes by learning to stay in line with the technological advancements and at the same time follow the principles that base the personal proscription of information sharing.

Finally, certain people may feel principles can be traded to say in track with social conventions. But then the fact is that principles of an individual is what defines that person. Shedding the principles sheds the definition. Thus holding on to the personal convictions is commensurate with adapting to changes in social conventions.

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