GRE Essay Topic 283 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Some educational systems emphasize the development of students` capacity for reasoning and logical thinking, but students would benefit more from an education that also taught them to explore their own emotions."

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According to the speaker, education system's emphsis on students' ability for reasoning and logical thinking is not enough. Instead, teaching students how to explore their own emotions can be more benefiticial. Conceding the merits of being reasonable and logical, I, however, do share fundamental...

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It is difficult to decide stance on the proposition whether advice from senior friends is more valuable than that from friend of your same age. This is because some people uphold the statement while other may disagree with it, and both side will have logical reasons for their stances. However, I am totally convinced that instructions from elder friends are quite helpful and, thus of more value than that of friends of your age, and I will provide several reasons to support my idea in the following paragraphs.

First and foremost, it goes without saying that senior friends have more knowledge and experience than our generation have. As you know, the longer you live, the more you learn and I will give a good example of this. I have an older friend of mine, whose name is Toshi, and when I was in high school, he was a university student. While it was the last year of my high school, I was wondering what I should major in in university, since I was not clear about what I was good at and what I would like to do in the future. One day, Toshi told me what he was learning in the university and, how it was interesting to learn economic theory, which was his major. As a result, I decided to enter economics department, and now I really appreciate his advice since learning economic theory is pretty enjoyable for me. As the example above clearly shows, opinions from senior friends are filled with many experience and knowledge you should follow.

Secondly, advice from the senior are so valuable, because they have more money and contacts with others than friend of same age. For instance, suppose that you would start new business such as an automobile company. Then, which advice would you appreciate more, the one from older friends or the one from friends in your generation. In my view, the answer is the former, because friends of old age are more likely to have enough wealth to invest your business, and know people who will be helpful for you to run business well. Therefore, advice senior companions provide is really beneficial for you to do better in your life.

Last but not least, older friends sometimes teach you traditional way of thinking. To take an example, today, our generation is so reluctant to communicate with colleagues and superiors out of work place, for we consider our private time of much importance. Nonetheless, one of my senior friend taught me how enjoyable and valuable it was to drink with colleagues and seniors after work. In his opinion, drinking with the elders and one's colleagues out of office gave us good relations with others, and made it easy to work in office. At first, I was quite doubtful as to his opinion. However, I followed his advice one day, I realized what he meant. drinking with colleagues from work is an important tradition, and good relation with others is a key for work to go smoothly.

All in all, although I admit that advice friends of same age give you is often very useful because they are likely to have same way of thinking and share experience with you, I definitely support the idea that advice from elder friends is more valuable than that of friend same age. Their recommendations are full of hits on your life, and you have a lot of things to learn from those.

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